麻生不動のだるま市 Asao Fudo’s Dharma Market

木賊不動だるま市と栗平駅鳩 029


Asao Fudo is about 10 minutes by city bus from Kakio Station,

In the past it seems that ferns called tokusatsu were growing in the wetlands around here.

木賊不動だるま市と栗平駅鳩 036 - コピー


A villager who came to hunt the pirates found a wooden? Fudo-Ming king about eight inches in size.
For this reason, this area is also known as a pirate immovable, with the name of the mountain being Meiosan, the sect being the Shingon sect, and the temple of Ozenji.

木賊不動だるま市と栗平駅鳩 023


Fudo Myo, who is also called Ashura, defends the flame with a fierce expression of anger, sits on a stone with a sword in his right hand, and a snare in his left hand.
It is the Myowang of the esoteric religion that protects the performers and fulfills the bodhi (the highest enlightenment).

木賊不動だるま市と栗平駅鳩 041


Therefore, Fudoson is said to be the immovable immortality and protects people from fire.
At first glance, the Immortal House of the Tree Pirates looks sober, but on January 28 every year, a gorgeous Dharma Market is opened and the situation changes suddenly.

木賊不動だるま市と栗平駅鳩 011


Nationwide, the Fudoin Dharma Market is opened at the end of the year, so Aso Fudo, which is performed at the beginning of the year, is said to be immovable, and many people use Fumikusen, Dharma, which is said to have the benefits of burning, I ’ll come and get together.

木賊不動だるま市と栗平駅鳩 002


There are about 400 open-air stalls on both sides of the approach,
The waves of more than 100,000 people are created, and they are immovable as they are washed away.

木賊不動だるま市と栗平駅鳩 019


Because there are too many people, entrance restrictions are imposed on the precincts, and turn down the stairs at the entrance
When I was waiting and the energy began to fall, I finally arrived at the precincts.

木賊不動だるま市と栗平駅鳩 027


Half an hour to release the shutter while being cheered by the powerful voice of Dharma selling.
In front of the shrine, a long line of long snakes could not be visited at last.
This is the first time I have seen such a large number of participants.

木賊不動だるま市と栗平駅鳩 016 - コピー (2)


Invited by the call of “Bought! Bought!”
With the prayer of “safety at home, no illness, traffic safety (business prosperity)”
“Good, good, good, good, good!”

木賊不動だるま市と栗平駅鳩 026


And finally, “Congratulations!”
This energetic voice flies over the grounds and echoes in the sky.


Dharma’s eyes should be placed in the temple with the left eye first, and after the prayer is fulfilled, the right eye.
May this year be a good year too …



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